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About Us

We, moms, want affordable, fashionable, apparel without compromising the quality and still feel good in it. Clothing that perfectly adapts to your changing body, so that you can use it during and even after pregnancy.

​In 2015, while pregnant with our son, I wanted to join the yoga classes offered by the hospital I went to. Initially, I used two to three sizes bigger to accommodate my growing stomach and pelvis. I did not like how I looked in these ill-fitting clothes. They were uncomfortable and did not accurately follow my body’s shape and movement.

I went to several shops but they did not have many maternity activewear options. The ones online were unreasonably priced for a couple of months' use. Cheaper ones ripped apart after machine washing. Some of the best-known brands are not even comfortable, and I was dissatisfied with the quality.

I felt so insecure that I stopped going to the yoga session. To this day, I blame the inactivity during my pregnancy for the 18 kilos of weight gain. Even after giving birth, I had to battle my dislike of what I saw in the mirror daily. I continued to buy baggy clothes to cover my unsightly curves.

One day,  I chanced upon the YouTube channel of Lucy Wyndham-Read. In her video, she said, "exercise is investing in you”. Her statement hit me hard. I mustered enough courage to accept my anxiety and started exercising again.  I felt so much better on just the first day. In one quarter, I lost 12 kilograms.

That is why I and my husband formed Fit 'n Happy Mums here in the UAE. So you can purchase directly from the convenience and safety of your home and deliver them to your doorstep. Mommies deserve better.
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After all, we, mums need to take care of our physical and emotional well-being. We believe, with a happy mom, comes a healthier child. And what better way to do that than by inspiring them to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising?

Mai Millan-Alonzo

Managing Partner & Co-founder

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